Lost in Love

Tue, 09/15/2015 - 17:02 -- mselzer


United States
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I have the unique 

Ability to hide all my

Feelings for people


I fell hard for you

From the first word to last breath

But kept it hidden


I hid all I could

I hid it for a long time

Kept it deep inside


But it could not last

Not forever, not ever

So I confessed it


I spoke of it some

But I felt my heart give in

No longer hiding


Flood gates opened wide

Awhirlwind of love destroyed

The walls I put up


I can't hide from it 

I can only accept these

These feelings I hate


Cause they don't matter

No, not really anyway

They won't for awhile


I like to wonder

'Maybe one day, maybe soon

I'll see this love through"


But only God knows

Where this could be leading me,

if you love me too.

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