For The Lost Children


There was once a world where we wallowed

we'd fallen into a dark, cold hole

when we wake, all around us are children like us

Hand in hand they walk towards a tumbling city

Towards the smoke and dust, happily they stride

Swiftly avoiding the falling rubble around us

We heard laughter flutter through our ears like a hymn

A little girl holds out her hand and I join them

We walk, and walk and walk

Our hands enjoin us

We feel eachother's pain, we see eachother's sufferings

There's a boy who's been beaten so harshly for having a mental disorder

A girl who's been touched in ways she doesn't understand

Twins that are destined to always be compared to eachother

Some with no mother, Some with no father

Those with illnesses 

Those whose abdomens are non-existent and would do anything for a grain of rice

Those who never knew the love of another

Those who saw the darkness of the world too early

I write for the children whose confusions have lead them astray

When gentle caring arms could have kept them safe

To create a path to another world 

So hopefully some will let go of their companions and flee from their destuction

I also write to find the trail

that which lead me astray

To save my children from that chant

To see through the blind eyes of my former self

It is a journey, you see 

A journey we all paint on our canvas

We do not choose where we start, but where we go

But a stroke can never be undone



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