Lost and Found

Thu, 01/05/2017 - 01:45 -- verix27

What happened in this year

Was absolutely a box of  lost and found

So much good things came

And so did the bad ones

So many people I befriended

And some I may never see again

All of which sums up to the journey of life

To grow.

To learn.

To prosper.

But let's see if all that happened

Was worth it, shall we?

I lost my best friend

My beloved Japan mixed-breed dog

To a pouch of poison

Thrown into my grandma's backyard by the poor souls of dog poachers

That triggered my Lucky's curiosity

And made him leave my side

After five loving years.

I lost my father

The man who raised me up along with my mom

The man who took me to school

For eighteen years

To another woman

Oh, the common sin made by mankind

For a moment of ecstacy

In trade for a life time of regret

We now think of each other in heart

As we can't bare to see eye-to-eye again.

I lost my virginity

To a boy who wasn't even worth it

Because I wanted to know

What if feels like to be completely intertwined with another human being

I don't regret opening up

I just wished it was with someone else.

So what did I find

After going through such loss?

I found my strength

That I didn't even know I have

I stood up for my mom

Fought for her right

Protected her from being hurt

And will be taking care of her heart

To let no man ever breaks it again.

I found my soul

The thing that I've been searching for

Of all the times talking to my dearest Lucky

About a love that never exist

I guess he guided me

To where I am now

To the man I'm in love with

That has the deep brown eyes just like his.

I found out more about life

Just life in general

That everything all adds up to something

And anyone

Even the ones you thought will never betray you

Or leave you

Are totally capable of doing so

In just a blink of an eye.

Therefore, there's no need to cry

Or to be sad

Of the inevitable.

My goal now

And forever

Is to stay strong and happy

Strong in mind and heart

Happy in thoughts and spirit

So that there's always extra comfort

For a sudden bad day.



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