Lost and Found

When I first met you, my heart stopped,

And I was sure I'd die of fright,

the din of voices died and dropped,

on that long, quiet Summer night.


When I went home that night I slept,

and dreampt of things I never seen,

but in my dreams a thought had crept,

a dream of cas'les with you as queen.


Then I had woken, and r'cieved a fright,

And I soon called myself a cur,

For I had forgotten last night,

And with that grand night, who you were.


So I soon left for work hopeless,

that today could be filled with life,

and I then felt a little lifeless,

'til something woke me from my strife.


For 'cross the room, our eyes did meet,

and in this place, though you unseen,

had you been waiting, incomplete,

and now we see what life could mean.


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