I'm not as strong as i'd like to be 

I wish for a better tomorrow 

But sadly, I don't hold that key 


My smile is fake you see

It's as if unnoticed 

But this is the real me 


Whose drowning in a sea of lies

as more waves go by and by 

Yet I ask myself why? 


Why do I go through the motions

Where no one can see? 

See me sinking deeper into the ocean


I keep my thoughts stored 

But whats it matter anyways 

If they will just be ignored


I keep going like nothing is wrong 

I wear a mask 

And just play along 


Yet i wish to shoot this pain 

This pain that taughts me 

And I wish to push away 


And I can't help to feel ashamed 

Each time you look at me 

For I've made this one big game 


Yet I wait for someone to see 

Thinking, yes maybe 

I can finally be free


But look past this simple smile

Look past this act 

Look past this big ole trial 


And maybe you can see that my hope

                cannot be found

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