Loss of magnificence

How can you search for answers within a book
When there are hundreds of mountaintops to traverse?
1000 pages can't amply suffice
For an all-day climb up a shear wall of ice
A pen is lovely
But it's grandeur to go
There's some things in life
Only nature can divulge
Like the sound of leaves rustling
On a brisk autumn day
As multicolored leaves flutter
To the ground and then decay
Or dear, wide-eyed,
Attentative to the drop of a dime
As her ears prick up
To a scent indubitably mine
Some things must be felt
To comprehend their significance
If I try to explain them
They're drained of all magnificence
Rather, come with me....
On a hike, you and I,
Where the limit goes
Well beyond the sky
Will stop at the summit
And drink some wine
Laugh and be merry
And say with a sigh
"How beautiful life is
When you live to the fullest
Such a Grand view
Of this marvelous Forest"

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My country
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