A Loss of Individualism


Southern California
United States

Why am I not considered to be a good student
or even a good person anymore
when I receive a "B"
or "C"
or "D"
or God forbid
an "F"?

Clock ticks as pressure builds.
Competition with other students
has become vicious and depressing.

Teachers create a hall of fame for those who excel
who pass tests
who answer all the questions correctly and precisely
who turn assignments in on time
clean and speck.
Who aren't original.
Slaves to the grading system.

You forget
We are not products of who you want us to be.
Where is the individualism? Originality? Creativity?

When's the last time you saw a student who displayed passion
not for a grade
but for a genuine cause?

When's the last time you saw a student exhibit heart and soul
not for a grade
but for a genuine cause?

I want to learn,
to learn.
And not to earn a grade.

Sciences, Mathematics, History
You say learning is an art
but what about the real art?
The art that excites your nerves and sends shivers through your bones?

What about the struggles 
the forgotten face everyday?
Let's learn about poverty. Let's learn about world hunger.
Let's learn about the beauty of street art
rather than damning it.
Let's learn about cancer
and pregnancy
and low income families.
Let's learn about the loss of a life
and the grievances that follow
and the suicidal thoughts and how to prevent them
Rather than the square root of a meaningless number
or why writing eligibly is so important.

You've forgotten what matters
Individuality has been replaced
with the pressure to please everyone
and everybody
but yourself.


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