The Loss of an Angel

It wasn't like this before, nothing had haunted my soul.

I use to wait for the night for sleep to come... Now i wait for the sun to show.

The night in which I would sleep the pain away is no loner the same.

There are ngihts where sleep never came.

You see, I'm haunted by the same dream..

Saddest part it's played on repeat.

With the same result every time..

With me failing to save his life..

I dream of the possibilities knowing that it's all i can do.

Knowing that I'd do anything to hold him in my arms and kiss his pain away.

Because having him here with me would make so happy, more than anything else in the world.

But I know it can't be that way.. and it hurts more than you will ever know.

Just know that wherever you are: Mommy loves you.

You'll always be my little Angel, my blessing from above.

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