Losing Sanity

(poems go here) Sweeping over me, its cold and harsh.
Chill bumps raise up on my arms.
I start to shake, my teeth chatter fast.
I'm burning up but, inside hell is freezing over.

I'm starting to cry, not this again I plead.
My mind is becoming a dark & cold place once again.
Thoughts start flying through the closed-in place of my mind.
My once blocked nightmares of my past
They're seep through through their barriers.

I promise I will not lose myself this time.
Yet, I can feel myself slowly slipping away.
"How much longer will this last" I ask.
I don't know how much more I can take.

My once sane mind, its losing it's sanity now.
Even for this short period of time, its hell.
I know I'll gain my sanity back shortly. Yet, its the feeling
The feeling of dying inside that cuts you down.
(the pain its sometimes to much to handle)

My teeth stop chattering, my body stops shaking.
The pain is not so bad and the light and warmth,
In my brain are coming back----- along with my sanity.
Those nightmare I spoke of are returning to their cages.

Emily Dickson, she lost her sanity.
Some called her crazy, I guess I'm crazy too.
Because I stand among her and all the others,
Saying I once lost my sanity.You will too.

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