To Lose a Noun, a Person or Place or Thing


 When I heard the news,

A dormant emotion roared to life inside me.

My windows to the world has blinds of what I choose to see,

These blinds have clenched themselves shut for the first time in a long while.

Tears welled up in my eyes, mere bubbles,

Then it began to rain as I drove home.


That’s when I knew it was not just me;

The entire universe mourned for you.


As difficult as it is to lose a noun, a person or place or thing,

It seems like the world notices and halts all the bullshit, even for a moment.

The struggle for your beloved is over,

But the real pain overpowers you now.

The news flooded my mind, returning to a street called memory lane,

Demanding I revisit my infected wounds.


Recalling the time he passed was a hard thing;

Helping you through it would make me feel less introverted.


The sky wept, the flowers wilted, and the breeze whistled,

So, I pause in my journey, on the side of the road,

To admire the lightning and the celebration Mother Nature played for you:

It was fleeting, it was touching,

And we knew it to be the passing of life. 

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