Lose It


Education, education education.

That' all we ever hear from them.

Temptation, temptation, temptation.

Cheat. It's the only way you'll win.


What about fun?

What about joy?

What about things that make you lose it?

Creativity, writing, running, music.


I'm gonna sing until I can't anymore.

Don't watch the theatre. It's such a bore.

I love to dance and act.

I'll put on a show.

Be a complete different person and you'll never know.

You: I'll mezmerize. Then, I'll exercise these words that I've memorized.

Just for you to be entertained.

After a couple hours, I'll be pained.

Too bad, it's come to an end.

So sad, that this is a trend.

My bad, I just wanted you to lend

your eyes and ears to the things I do.

I'm happy and in love with my 'hobby'.

I'll wait to greet you out in the lobby.


You'll know from the smile on my face and the light in my eyes,

that this is better than any prize that could ever be won in a race.

This is no competition.

Only the talented will survive.

You think anyone can do it?

Go ahead and give it a try.


This is my life.

It'll be with me forever.

And hopefully, it will be my best endeavor.

I pray that I'm a good actress,

Because musical theatre is my happiness.







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