In a day filled with such chaos.

In a day filled with the worries of life.

I become stuck and uncertain.

Uncertain about the choices and decisions that lie ahead.

Stuck between the expectations and realities that the world seems to throw at me.

From love to lust.

From wealth to greed.

What is right and what is wrong?

I wake up each day with the fear of trust.

With the fear of rejection and accpetance.

Rejection from those I hold dear to heart.

Acceptance from those I rather not name 

From the clothes that I wear to the words that I preach

Where do I find rest?

Where do I find peace and stillness?

When people disappoint me

When people hurt me

When people forget about me

Where do I find hope?


Your word is a lamp unto my darkened path

Your voice is a sound of grace and tranquility

Your presence is soft and whole

But where?

But where do I find you when I feel alone and scared?

But where do I go when I feel broken and hurt?

But what do I do Lord, to find the stillness and peace you so freely offer?

You are all around me

You are living inside me

You are in the hearts of those that claim you are Yahweh

You are in the eyes of those that show your love

You are in the wind and in the sky

In the stars and in the moon

Your beauty surrounds me

Your mercy overtakes me

Where there is chaos there is peace

Where there is hurt there is restoration

So in a day where I need to find amazement and acceptance

In a day where I need guidance that can be found in silence

On the days where I feel least capable and defeated


I look to you

Around me and through me

In the business and the stillness

I find you

Through the storm and the drought

I see you


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