Look for Sun

Sun is shining

Despite many clouds

Many people ask me how

How do you keep your sun shining?


I tell them it’s not that easy

Believe it when I say

It takes time to succeed in it


It takes a lifetime of struggle

Through school and your mind

Where you have no choice but to have

Hope for what’s on the other side

Knowledge that’ll you never make it to shore

If you don’t keep swimming,

despite the rumbling storm


It takes a heart

That still believes that

There will always be good

No matter how buried

Underneath the evil of a soul

Having compassion for all of the human race

Despite it not always coming back your way 


Not enough people choose to see sun

Because it’s easier to sit inside and wallow

When a storm cloud comes

It’s not easy, no

But it isn’t meant to be

It’s supposed to be hard

But I do it for me


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