Look in my eyes and see what I fail to say 

the pain and sadness that I have no solution to but stay confused 

read my story and notice all the missing things I haven't had a time to add on to a page 

Look in my eyes and see what I'm afraid of 

the fear that brings me to tears

as I look ahead and see no finish line but another 2 way turn 

See the red in my eyes and the brown which confines but speaks a journey ahead 

as I blink makes me  miss my chance 

As I close my eyes thinking what might appear will slowly fade away 

hopping that my eyes won't met the creatures which made me scream 

look into my eyes 

and tell me what you see 

not a 14 year old girl named Imani

but something deeper within me 

a goddess which reveal the heart that beats 

yells potential in me not the lack of what I haven't accomplish but look past my flaws 

Look into my eyes 

and except the fact that I'm broken and still remain broken

and now I look aside and let you pick up a piece 

look in my eyes 

and notice not the outside or the inside of me but the souls which brought me to be 

look into my eyes

and see ALL the things I see 

all the things that made me become a better ,more powerful me







This poem explains how everything i see in my life impacts me to learn from my mistakes and over come everything that might come in my life 

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

you live and you learn my friend

that's how you succeed

as long as you never give up on yourself, you'll achieve everything you put your heart into

i wrote a poem call what do i fear-this may relate to you

check it out when you have a chance

another well written poem imani


Thank you so very much for the support and i definitely will check it out 

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