Look at Me

Look at me

What do you see?

My body is hollow

I want to be free


Free from this curse

That keeps getting worse

When I look in the mirror

It won't be reversed


I keep hiding my food

I'm just not in the mood

To feel ugly and fat

See my stomach protrude?


I work out like crazy

And I'm never lazy

Must get rid of this weight

It hasn't been easy


I look at my face

And I want to erase

The roundness, the ugliness

Want to lose every trace


I watch on TV

I read magazines

And on every page

The bod of my dreams


I want to feel pretty

It's not enough to be witty

Folks only will love you

When you learn to look sexy


My bones all stick out

Too many to count

I'll quit when I'm skinny

If I could, I would shout


The frustration I feel

Becomes more and more real

When I look at myself

And I find no appeal


It isn't enough

It is never enough

I need to be beautiful

I have to stay tough


I'm fighting the pain

Pray I don't gain

Even one little pound

That would fill me with shame


I always feel weak

I feel guilt when I eat

I'm battling hunger

I can't look like a freak


People around me

Must be in a hurry

'Cause they don't even stop

Don't bother to worry

As I waste away

Like a hollowed-out shell

Of the girl I once was

With my story to tell.


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