A Look Back In Time

What can I say about the American Civil Rights movement
Actions for equality, freedom, and civil improvement
Black slavery in America for over two centuries
Fugitive slaves and their conductors could face penitentiaries
The South and North were split into political factions
The election of President Lincoln had good and bad reactions
Issues of his election, Southern rights, tariffs, slavery, and federalism created a war
The fourteenth amendment opened the door
To a continuing struggle for equal treatment in the south
African Americans had to deal with Jim Crow Laws despite the complaints out of their mouths
Advocates protested against racial segregation
The Ku Klux Klan rose rapidly through the nation
Brown versus Board of Education was a great success
Still more social issues had to be addressed
Rosa Parks wanted freedom in public transportation
Martin Luther King Jr. delivered many orations
He organized protests that obeyed the law
When he was assassinated the fight for civil rights did not withdraw
This fight would soon turn from a dream to a reality
Malcolm X knew of this dreams practicality
He helped expose discriminatory practices, ended white prejudice, and violence against blacks

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This is an awesome poem! I really like how you used true historical events, but made the poem rhyme throughout. It was like getting a history lesson, while reading a really great poem at the same time. Have you ever tried writing a sonnet? Check out the resources section for some cool ideas!

Brian Taylor

This was an awesome poem it had great rhythm.

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