what can you see?

these men shooting at me

and us shooting at them

on both sides we are dying


oh look, i’m shot at

i’m bleeding and calling

for my mommy

lying on my side

i cry for my mommy

mommy can you see

i’m dying?


but please be happy

i'm dying as a hero

well at least

that’s what the worlds to know

what people will see on tv

the media will press a story out of me

it’ll be a story of a hero

who died fighting


fighting who?

well that’s what people don’t see

whe same men who’s dying

because of me


i try


and try

to look hard

to see no difference

between them and me

across the line

they lie dead

identical to me

what is this insanity?


every time

every time one of us

dies on either side

there’s just

more hate

more anger

twice the hatred

twice the eager

to kill


the anger is from the fear

that our loved

and young ones

are to be dying next


the hate is

from the grief

of our loved ones

who died fighting


one thing is impossible

we can never get even

from fighting from killing

when on both side

the feelings are exactly the same


the scale will keep bending

when at one point

it snaps broken

in half

and leaves us nothing

but misery

and if possible

just more hate

This poem is about: 
Our world


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