A Long Way There

I fall asleep with the desire on my heart. 
With a plan in my mind.
But when my eyes start to open,
Before the sunrise,
I start thinking of my escape. 
My excuse. 
My bed is so warm. 
My limbs-- so weak. 
I can go another time. 
It's still dark out--
I should go-- 
Back to sleep. 
But as I sit in silence and waiting,
The faintest voice calls for me. 
So I get up. 
Put my random clothes on. 
And I'm out the door. 
Wheels turning. 
Eyes slightly drifting away,
But always returning to the center--
To what's straight ahead.
As I arrive to my destination,
I feel a mix of anxiety and excitement. 
The regrets and complaints begin to fly away as I make my way towards the door. 
And when I open it,
I'm flooded with the glow of my magnificent King. 
Slightly different than the last time I saw Him,
But, oh, still the same.
I take a knee. 
And I look up to this "thing" I so hesitantly visited,
And I'm mystified. 
For I am at peace now. 
I am home. 


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