The Long Road Ahead


United States
42° 37' 5.7144" N, 71° 13' 40.8828" W

Love is love,
It’s black and white.
People are people,
And these people don’t fight.
But there’s a long road ahead.

They’re holding hands,
And dreaming dreams,
And walking away,
Leaving empty seats,
With such a long road ahead.

In hindsight now,
We laugh, and think,
How could we be
So ignorant?
But there's a long road ahead.

We’ve come so far,
From Birmingham
And Dred Scott,
And Ferguson,
But there’s a long road ahead.

So, here’s to King,
And Lincoln too,
Who made
Our Declaration true,
For the long road ahead.

A heart is a heart,
And a life, a life.
And the world has finally begun,
To see the light.
But there’s still a long road ahead.

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