Long Live Shan Yu

The Chinese flag, deserted on the ground,

            Bodies littered, blood seeping into the earth,

And with no innocent life to be found,

            Lay the cities, without a single warm hearth,

Snow flurries falling from the grey skies,

            A lonely, black haired woman dies.


The woman, having risked herself for her father,

            Having been abandoned in the cold,

Was not allowed to continue any farther.

            Giving up, and leaving her fold,

She left before the daisies came,

            Their enemy planning to bathe in fame.


Undetected, the men she worked to defeat

            Soon refused to give her painless death.

Her family lying, stiff at her feet,

            Struggling for every breath,

Skin blue, her heart never beat,

            She could never make intentions concrete.


If only she had stayed, and seen the scum.

            One should have warned them,

And yet, none had known what would come.

            Only death and pain could stem

From wars and hated among men,

            Yet history repeats again, and again.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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