I'm not gonna pretend I know much about my home land, Palestine

heck I have never stepped on its rich soil, that people have fought for it for centuries

That have lost their lives, there loved ones and their homes.

I'm not gonna pretend I know much a bout my home land, Palestine,

but I see kids below the age of ten throwing fist sized rocks at tanks, kids that are suppose to be sitting in a desk complaining about the load of homework the have received at the end of the day.

kids that shouldn't be complaining about there parents death, but wishing to be doctors and lawyers someday.

Where they don’t need to worry about coming home, seeing it all in rubble.

But staying out late with friends and trying not to get in trouble.

Because where I grew up in the west, that’s how I have been conditioned.

Video gaming with my homies, I'm mentally imprisoned

im not gonna pretend I know much about my homeland Palestine

but my heart bleeds every time I read the news

im just so confused, are people so blind that they easily turn away from the truth

What if the tables turned and you were to stand in their shoes.



Suddenly everything has gone black, feels like I just plummeted in a sea of sand.

I hear shouts and sirens. But I can’t move.

Feels like all my bones have been broken, pulled and torn. Last thing I remembered was sitting at home. Suddenly the sky breaks and I see light, and to the earth I have returned. i see dead bodies on the ground. I see someone closing on my vision and hugged me tight. It was my sister.

At this moment I was so confused, didn't know whether to cry, laugh or mourn. i just stayed still, out of shock as I come to the realization that my house has been destroyed. all the faithful memories have been wiped, I'm left with no mother or father to teach me right. i guess now I'm on my own, i wanted to run, yell and scream. in the endless void of darkness, this is what we regret being reality. there is no reset buttons no escaping this fallacy. as two large men take me away into a flashing truck. this must be the ambulance. on my way to the hospital i look out the window to see that others were not as lucky to escape alive. now my main goal was to survive. they wheeled me in to the hospital, the first thing i noticed was the smell of blood and flesh. what a horrible stench. i couldn't breath and everything blacked out again. I wake up to a sunny day, with tubes stuck in my chest. i tried to move but it seems like I have lost control of my whole body. As i look down to the cuts and scars i see that I am engulfed in a body cast. Seems like I barely got out alive (myself). Even though i felt tired my mind was racing so fast. questions and questions attack me, I needed answers. I felt like I was about to explode and i blacked out again. This time i was dreaming, dreaming that I was running in the olive groves, my hands to my sides like an airplane. Full of joy as the wind pushes against me. I wish I choose this reality, full of ease, and promise and I see the light.



That’s just another casualty about to be numbered.



for over 60 years , we have been in retreat.

borders have been built and the course of history has been repeat.

for over 60 years they have been in retreat,

we have forgotten our brothers and sisters in the darkness to bleed,

let us, the youth of this generation stand up and unite

because tomorrow I don't know if there will be a Palestine.

I'm not gonna pretend I know much about my home land, Palestine


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