Long, Complicated, and a little Bitter

Fri, 03/24/2023 - 15:39 -- Zanies

     It's me again, reality

oh, how I don't want to be here

the long and complicated truth

It's taste, on my tognue, bitter

but I can tell you I am not perfect

I fear for hurting you

it aches my heart and swells my tired eyes

I cannot move forward

without you beside me

I wish it was always

short, simple, and sweet

but for perfect to happen? 

I doubt it

I only wish to go through that rough ocean 

while holding your hand

and if you chose to let me go, my love

I'll stay here, and lay in the sand

but if you start to faulter

or reach back for my hand again

I'll dive in after you

I'll gasp for your hand

I'll give you air

I'll hold your hand even tighter

I'm so scared to watch you go alone



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