Lonely Place


When you step past the depth of life

You step into a world of confusion

Almost like a parallel universe

Or just a simplistic illusion.

You fall into a mirror world

But never see your face.

You reflect on other's whys and views

But never get a taste. 

You kick a rock to skip the stones

But never consider why.

You strap on wings to get a feel

But never learned to fly.

You walk on sidewalks just to get

From point A to point whatever

But never bring a rain-coat coat

To never the weathery whether. 

You wallow in your own self-pity

A parade no one attends.

You ride on balloon strings just to float

But never tie the ends.

You twist your head to screw it off

Lose your mind just for a day.

Haunt the grounds like masquerades

But don't intend to play.

You push beyond the cover

Try to break the mold

You force your heart to smile

Though it does get very old.

You pick them out, you weed them out

Like burnt potato fries

You walk right by the broken roads

But never get a prize.

You ride the roads without the wheels

You kick back to the streets.

'Til you fall right through the open cracks

And the cycle then repeats. 



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