Lonely Ladie Loo

Have you ever felt lonely?

The only being made fun of or looked at in a classroom?

Well welcome to reality that`s what lifes about


My life as Chanaya

Isnt so easy im not so innocent as i look

Everyone makes mistakes no one is perfect

Life is a maze that you have to walk threw


You have bumpy roads and  stop signs  

Some roads may even seem easy just straight

And then there are some Dead Ends

Mmmm... doesnt that sound nice?


To me life is what you make it

You and only you can change the way  you want it to be

Life is the best thing you can ever have dont give it away


No one actually takes there time

To see the real insight to life

You should be happy that your able to wake up every morning and see everyone you love


But no! Instead we waste time degrading eachother

Bullying no matter what shape or form  

Cyber,Verbal, Non- Verbal or other

Its not right , but no everyone is like me


 Why cant we all come together for once

And apologized for the things that we did wrong

Sure It may hurt a bit , but that shows how much you`ve grown

And learned   from your mistakes


 We should be proud of ourselves

Happy that we are different and beautiful in our own way

         We should use that  to make things interesting

Make a dance group with different styles  


Its almost like we all are Tazmanian Devils

It just jumps out and grabs you

Like a dog runing for his toy that his owner had threw


 But instade we laugh when someone falls on there face

Instaed of picking teachother up and encouraging one another

Life is to short to throw waay  

Time is ticking lets not run out



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