Loneliness sucks


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Don’t help me

I don’t need your help

I can do everything by myself

But thanks for offering anyway


Don’t sit with me

I just love to be alone

I know you think you’d be doing me a favor by being a friend to me

But friends are overrated aren’t they?


Don’t talk to me

Obviously I don’t want you to make the effort

I’m just happy having no one to hang out with

So why would you ruin my little party?


Don’t make me feel welcome

Being an outsider is the best

Not belonging is so awesome

I would hate for you to mess that up for me


Don’t you see how ridiculous this sounds?


Yes, I want you to help me

Obviously I want you to sit with me

Of course I want you to talk to me

All I want is for you to make me feel welcome


I am a human being after all

Every human being just wants to be loved and accepted

No matter what it seems like, that’s what everyone wants

More than anything in the world


If you really cared, you’d do more than just say hello occasionally

You’d actually try to make me feel like I belong

But you don’t, because you don’t actually care

No one really cares that much


I’m here waiting for someone to reach out

No one ever does

In case you’re wondering, being alone sucks

I know you’re not wondering though. I know you don’t care

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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