Tue, 05/28/2013 - 22:09 -- cleeds


United States
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When darkness has crept over blue heavens
And your name has swept like Rumor through my mind,
No song, no sight can ease anger's weapons
And no hope of this storm's end can I find,
For deceitful snakes nest in caves of hate,
Lies slither in until no light abides,
No good outcome can be seen in loath'd fate
And happy memories drown in the tides.
At last the lonely ache enshrouds my heart;
Behold the world veiled with clouds of despair,
No cries of lament can be heard, in part
Because Pride entombs such sounds in the air.
-- But one word, one smile throws open the door
And your name's enshrined like it was before.


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