In London

Tue, 12/10/2013 - 18:47 -- joy323

Chaos: our fireworks wouldn’t live up

In London.

gargantuan appetites, pre-party jitters and allergy-free sleep


The East End is the main action.

hipster community, legacy of gangsters and our mothers


Until the Games came, I live less.

I explore the cutting edge “regeneration”.


Nexus: be damned, visitors will feel at home

In London.

hermitic confines, vigil and a desert of concrete waiting to flower.


High Street has bizarre and thus far empty adjacencies

Broadway kebabs, mix of riders and the down at the heels


A green and pleasant colony of artists squat,

the city wankers are rare yet thriving because it’s cool to live in a warehouse.


The Roman Road: it’s greasy spoon cockney and thermal bloomers

In London.

There is a charmingly chaotic narrative of little known histories.


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