To Lolo Frank, my grandfather


United States


Here's a letter to you.

To the man who spoke so soft and yet so proud of his past.

To the man who worked so hard yet also not so fast.

To the man who understood when to stop and when to go,

even if there are those who doubted him so.

To you, I salute and I cherish thee,

even if we never were as close as can be. 

To you, I love and hold thee close,

even if I never sent you a post.

Pray for me Lolo, so that my future be secure. 

Without prayer, I cannot fathom on how I can be so sure.

I'll pray for you Lolo, so you fly past the sky,

into the heavens, where angels do not cry.

When I visit once more, I'll finally say goodbye,

But until then Lolo, stay close by.


With a heavy heart full of love,


This poem is about: 
My family


Love and Madness


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