Lofi (A phase)

Tue, 01/17/2023 - 16:24 -- deSribe



I can feel fear lurking around but I can't let him in

My soul in anguish, longing for a saviour

My heart in a battlefield, my spirit is at war

My feelings are numb.

Lord, am I still your son?


All these random forces of emotions,

My life like a physics laboratory

Time seems stationary

My mind full of commentaries

These voices in my head

trying to convince me to loose myself and get intimate with a dame

and maybe could get me some relief

But I know better, that will only be temporary.


Alcohol seeming delightful

Liquor looking tasteful

These spirits trapped in a bottle,

longing to be free

Seeking my esophagus

the pathway to my belly as their holy sanctuary.


But the Spirit in me detest the taste of these branded spirits

He desires for me to dwell at the upper echelon above Mount Sinai

A place of permanent highness in proximity to The Most High.

Not just a quick fix that ends with regrets, anguish and a long sigh.


Dear Lord, I’m feeling lofi... 😑


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