locked door

Nights and days past
I relieve the only memory I have of u 100 times before my eyes close
To remember hurts and the reality of the situation confronting me is more than just pain
It's a weight that my heart carries
A burden of unforeseen truth
A mere glimpse of tragedy
In my heart the only memory I relieve time and time again
Is of you and me
Lost in a world
Of people who only want to destroy the very thing that keeps me alive
But to me you were my only serenity
And that was a mistake
A mistake that I'm now paying the price for
My heart waits outside your door
But you've locked it and closed the blinds
You don't even make an attempt to look outside
I wonder on the streets of sorrow, alone and desperate for the moment when I finally reach some sort of home
But it'll never come, it'll never come to me
I'll never reach it, the pain will never cease.

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