Lockdown Lunacy (Wifes Perspective)

Mon, 08/16/2021 - 11:05 -- taffall

Lockdown Lunacy - The Wife’s Perspective       

I was eager to go clothes shopping
When the lockdown rules relaxed.
But, approached the venture cautiously,
Hand sanitised and fully masked.
So off I went with my husband
And we both browsed separately.
I finished and paid and found him
Wandering aimlessly.
When we got home and got unmasked,
He was not what I expected to see.
Though the hair and clothes were similar,
I’d brought the wrong husband home with me.
I thought of taking him back to the shop
But would mine be there anymore.
Or I could take him back in the morning,
Cos’ I have a Zoom meeting at four.
I decided to put him on Facebook,
Under lost and found.
Asking my friends to ‘share’ it
And spread the word around
So wives if you’ve lost a husband,
Inbox me if you can,
With his name and a description
So you can come and collect your man.
Must say you’ve got him well trained,
He’s a really domestic chap.
He cooks and he cleans and he polishes,
Mine would never do that.
And, if you have got my husband,
I am asking you not to worry,
I really would like him back,
But I’m not, in any hurry.

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My family
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I love the rhythm and rhyme and imagery. Also enjoyed the pace,very funny 2,taffal. X


Thanks for the comments. 

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