Living Ungracefully

Dear past self,

When you feel the night wrap around your strong shoulders, know that they are filled with stardust, not just the chaos of emotion that swells in between them.

Know that you are nothing but a minuscule girl, and feel the moonlight seep into your bones.

Let your thoughts burst through your tangled mind.

There are no words sufficient enough to explain how beautiful it is to realize your insignificance, to let go of mattering and know that nothing does.

The world inside yourself may seem overwhelmingly large, and it is terrifying that no one may truly see it for what it is, but the one before your fingertips is such a magnificent distraction isn't it?

Explore this vast expanse with those who see even a tint of the light inside you, and search for it inside them as well.

Adventure throughout this world and love with your very being, unselfishly, beautifully.

Love every goddamn thing that sends adrenaline beneath your skin, and sparks a light inside your eyes.

Love everything that makes you feel the feeling of life seeping out of your cells like blood, and causes art to spill from your lips.

Be inspired by it, appreciate it.

You may never be appreciated by the world the way in which you deserve, but always feel the love that swells inside your chest for your very existence, for the very chance to live this life and see what this world has to offer.

Who are you to selfishly dwell on yourself when you could be searching through the stars of beautiful human beings all combusting in their own ways?

Crave to travel these constellations until you find a star too bright for your eyes to withstand.

Desire to let it blind you, destroy you with its magnificence and show you how utterly glorious it is to be alive.

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