Living in the Tower

Fri, 06/23/2017 - 21:10 -- Tam Vu

Once upon a time there was a maiden living in a tower 

She lived in a tower with her hair falling into a heap under her feet

She lived in a tower in a long white dress

And she lived in tower because mother dearest wanted her to look like the maiden she was


Once upon a time, she wasn't living in a tower, far from human company 

She was free and happy and lived in a feild with mother  dearest and nothing could change that at the time

She wore clothes that let her skin breathe the summer air and kept hair that didn't slow down the pace of her footsteps

And she lived like that until mother dearest saw her looking at the girl next door


Once upon a time the maiden was still free in the body but guilty in her mind because mother dearest wouldn't look her in the eye

She lived in her room and mom lived in the living room and that's where they stayed and it was very much like the tower

She was lonely and scared and couldn't even remember the neighbor's name anymore

And then mommy  got angry


Once upon a time a girl lived in her room that was cowered and overshadowed by the walls mother built around it

She lived in her room and kept her hair dragging by the feet because it kept her face hidden and that meant that her eyes were hidden too

She wore a dress because maybe mommy would love her more when she saw the dress 

And then she couldn't take it anymore - she couldn't take the staring, the walls, the hair - and the trigger was pulled


Once upon a time a girl told mommy and daddy that she liked girls and they were okay with it

She went to the neighbor's and realized that the neighbor liked her too

She stopped talking to the neighbor in middle school

And when the news came on the next day, she wished she didn't stop

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Our world


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