Living on the Run


United States
25° 35' 42.2088" N, 80° 23' 57.354" W

Run son
Look how far we have come
The worlds a better place and our problems are undone
But have we really took the leap we thought?
So many things are wrong with this one life we got
And I'm not saying its an evil plot
But how come WalMart drops every mom and pop shop
Wipes towns out like an A-bomb dropped
They won't stop
No shot
And I'm not saying I don't love the states
It's the place where I live and I plan to stay
But I'm sick of the roles that parties play
Brainwashing people for the parties sake
It makes my body ache
We're always in the same place
Never moving forward, campaigning for the next race
The institution that should keep us safe
Is whats dividing and providing this world with hate
And it's not just religion that could come undone
Everything's messed up and were all just living on the run

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Tomas Alcala

This is a poem about a couple of major issues concerning the great United States of America. It concentrates on two major flaws in our countries system that have been eating at me for a while.

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