Living a Life of Pressure

As a little kid, I was told I must be the best

Be a golden star because I was always meant to shine

I got the good grades, participated in sports, did the extracurricular activities

Certain things in particular

But it never seemed to be enough


In high school, I was told to keep on going

Because I totally had the skills to get through the mountain of homework,

Constant judgements of my value and worth

Something I totally thought was worth it at the time

But then something snapped

The pressure inside me loomed as if it was a forming tornado

A swirling disaster ready to knock out all the bridges I had built

As the pressure prevailed inside me

I couldn’t help but struggle to breathe

Struggle to achieve

And struggle to believe that everything would turn out okay


As a senior,

I’m left with the shattered aftermath of a life full of pressure

Full of expectations I could just barley fill,

Well maybe,

It depends on who you ask

Pressure no longer simply looms inside me but rather

Perches on top of my shoulders

Constantly reminding me of the failure I’m becoming

Over and over again


I do not know what this life full of pressure is really about

But all I know is I’m about to burst and shout

Because I can’t do this anymore

I can’t pretend to be the golden star everyone thought I could be

Reality is, I’m just regular me


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