Living Jar

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 00:17 -- RPrado

Accidently acquired ancient artifacts--

Beneath broken bridges by bitter blood--

Containing clear circular covered colors.

Dear Dad, Devil's diary drives down days as a dud,

Expanding excruciating effects

From figurative fundamental forces--

Generous gore gifts giving graving

Homeless heavens.

Insufficient institutions inside insects

Jumping journaling jargon justice--

Keen kids kindling karma

Like livers loving life listlessly.

Mastering mere memorable magma--

Neurotically nervous nations

Optimizing observations out of

Patriarchal powered products--

Qualitative quivering queues

Revealing robbing rights.

Stations, states, stars startle starting students

To triumph terrible teachings.

Understanding useless units upon

Vicious viral victories

Wipes wild wars--


Yet yuppie youth yearning



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