Living in a blank world Based on the book: The Giver by Lois Lowry

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So plain but what shall people gain from a life like this.

But who can see the difference.

Everyone has no freedom.

Jonas you are selected not assigned.

You have all the traits and a new future that awaits.

You are wise, intelligent you have the courage and the integrity and you can see the beyond.


First day on the job so many questions and suggestions.

You meet your boss.

He shows you the past memories.

You see families love and see the death of war.

You learn more everyday you wish others could feel this way

You give Gabriel memories to help him sleep soundly.


Today is a new day a time for fun and a time for play because of the unscheduled holiday

You see your friends playing war.

But they don’t know how sad and heartbreaking it truly is.

You hear about the last Retriever Rosemary.

You hold Gabriel at night with all your might as you escape at the strike of midnight.

You finally interact with animals and experience the weather.

By: Veronica Becerra 10-3-13


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A quick note they're Recievers not Retrieves but this poem is so cool!!! I love the book and you really give a great insight to those who have and intrigue to those who havent keep writing

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