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Fantasy, living in reality.
In actuality fantasy would be considered “fake.”
Creation of word, pictures, if you may, depiction.
Things that do not yet exist.
In existence the limits are unreachable, untouchable, there are none.
Openness, there are no boundaries, there are no secrets.
Narrative, speaking from point of view,
after all fantasy or fiction comes from


The reality that fantasy ends up deluding the fact of its escape to such reality.
Reaching for the truth to find it sugar coated. Liars.
Unknown, if you don’t live in fantasy, you don’t comprehend reality’s full potential.
The fact being, you must live in both worlds to complete your life to the fullest.
Hasty truth being a lie, and fantasy being fiction while in


A friend may lie to help you. A friend will be honest to push you in the right direction.
Closest friends will talk behind your back making them
Two – faced.
Underlying you making you seem unimportant.
Actually, a friend or the “true friend” doesn’t exist we live in fiction making it seem like truth.
Likewise to the person living a complete fictional life.
In actuality,
There is no one out there that wants to be
Your friend because odds are they are going to get something out of you


Eventually there will come a time you decide who is your friend.
Value them even when they don’t deserve it because
Eventually they’ll come around to realize how much of a
Nerd they were when
They had hurt your feelings.
Understanding leads to forgiveness. This
Always happens trust me I know.
Luck doesn’t choose everything for you
Luck is simply luck there is nothing else to it
You’ll drive yourself nuts trying to figure out

which part is
FICTION, which is
the ACTUALITY of the situation
come to a

Conclusions are the best way to end something, because I know you’ll
Love this one.
Usually I end with a BANG but that is just
Silly. Up until now I described my life: here’s the rest.
Institutions, mentally – ill does NOT describe me.
Only when you know my full story you’ll completely understand
and comprehend I am the way I am because
No one will stop me from being . . .



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