Livin' For the Man or You

Sat, 12/24/2016 - 21:41 -- Jess1

This is all an eye opener for me

Well in the MAN’S eyes

As babies, we are taught several things before we grow

WE choose what we want to be

Then MAN tells us what we MUST do in order to be what WE WANT to be


Pressure starts to build

Complication arises

Do I give up?

Some gets it handed to them, some start young

Do I stick it out?

But when they change their mind it's too late


And now it is easier settling for less

Will I find myself flippin' burgers, flickin' needles, fixin' objects,

takin' garbage, or cleanin' houses

All those things that MAN tells us WE HAVE to do in order to survive.
NO? Don't do it

Then be on the side with a can, torn dirty clothin',

skin all mucky, stomach barkin', and you're cryin'!


All because you did not do what MAN told YOU to do for a couple of paper

and copper that gets used over and over again


A cycle that does not have an end

Only thing is it is a new body every beginnin’

How will you live it?

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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