Live to Learn

Thu, 10/30/2014 - 22:08 -- Nimh
I've heard that life isn't worth leaving.
That it's selfish to take your life away.
Why do we think that way?
Has life taken us in it's death grip?
Can we stand up, can we take the trip?
While we cry ourselves to sleep,
Hoping to fall into the deep.
The question still left,
Is life worth living?
Are we selfish to want to go?
No one would know,
Nor would they care.
No one would even dare,
To help us out of this nightmare.
So why care if we take our life?
Would they rather do it?
And save us the tears?
That we would shed through the years?
But I have no answer,
To the question, to the cancer.
That ruins us, but I guess.
We must live to learn the answer.
 © 2008


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