Live by J.K. Spear

To the girl who could memorize lines and perform them on stage in front of hundreds. 

I beg of you to come back. 

Come back to me, whose fears and anxiety drive me more than my passion. 

Come back to me, who has been driven mad, others feeling I'm just portraying insanity. 

Come back to me who knows the world and all of its darkness. 

Come back to me; fill me with your innocence. 

To the girl who feared no person in the crowd, come find me. 

Come find me and impart your wisdom on the girl I am today...who fears everything. 

Give me your secret, for I seek guidance. 

Come find me and bless me with your presence. 

So, I, too can give you something in return. 

Come find me, so I can prepare you for the loss you are about to face. 

So I can give you comfort for what you are about to endure.

So that I can prove that the fault lies not within yourself. 

So I can prove it to myself. 

Come find me, for you know not the struggles that await...

But I know what lies ahead of me in this moment. 

Come find me, fierce and headstrong little girl. 

For you are going to change. 

You will rip your heart off your sleeve, and you will lose it.

Only to find it again and keep it hidden for your own protection.

You will grow afraid, but out of that fear,

you will find more strength than you have ever known. 

And you will learn to love. And it will be marvelous. And scary. And beautiful. 

You will grow to loathe the sunshine, but learn to sing in the rain. 

And you will find yourself. You will find me. 

But I won't know it. And neither will you.

You will figure it out. All of this. 

And you will be okay. 

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