Live On

I remember that day so many years ago,
The time you texted me and said ‘time for me to go’,
The fear I felt at your careless tone
I can only feel blessed that you trusted me though,

That day years ago,
When I called my heart froze,
Imagining you all alone.
Locked in a far off room,
A blade your chosen doom.
When you spoke I could hear:
Your fears, Your tears, Your wish for oblivion,
And your wish for love,

You were so broken, so close to being gone
Already faded, the end of a song,
Thank you, thank god,
I talked you down, made you recognize the truth
You are selfish,
You are cruel,
You are stubborn,
You are a fool,
You can not leave,
I am selfish, I don’t want to grieve
Its not just me, each person I listed, every memory I reminded you of,
You learned you are always loved,
That day was horrible, chosen as your last,
I can only say thank you for listening, for continuing to live, love, and laugh.
You will keep living on


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