Little Wooden Porch Swing


Little Wooden Porch Swing

I grasp the memories and I hold them tight

There is a night, a memory cloudy but bright

I imagine daddy's hands so tough yet soft

I see the gleam in his eyes as he thought

While he constructed a little porch swing.

That is so beautiful to me.

He took the rough edges and made them smooth

To bulid the swing that enriched my youth

He brought it home and smiles he did see

Oh that swing! 

And all the laughter it brought to me

The little wooden swing held my dolls

I played with them all day long

My swing now creaks and cracks as it swings to and fro

It sits a little crooked but when I see it my eyes still glow

Tis so important because it was made for me

I will always hold the memory of my little wooden porch swing

My daddy cannot work anymore because of his sight

He is my hero as he shows me he is alright

I still see daddy's hands working, working

On the beautiful porch swing he made just for me.




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