Little Things

Tue, 09/16/2014 - 22:39 -- rimink

The sun after a rainy day

The heat after the cold has gone away

The lone flower that blooms above all odds

The feeling when the audience applaudes

The satisfaction when you know have done well

The feeling of utter freedom just before you fell

The family that loves you no matter what

The laughter after acting like a total nut

The stomach pains from cracking up with friends

The first day of summer when school has come to an end

The cold rush as you hit the water

The hug that you just gave your father

The tears of joy that stream down your face

The enormous breath after you have just won a race

The softness of the blankets at night

The effort when you try with all your might

The things that really uplift me the most

Are not things at all, but feelings 


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