Little Red

Once there was a little girl

Whose cloak flowed down in red

Carrying for her grandmother

Soups and fresh baked bread

‘Fore she left her mother's house

As onward sang the crow

Her mother said, “My Little Red,

Through yonder woods thou shalt not go”

Little Red just gave a smile

And then a quick small nod

For it was known the last to walk

Within the woods was clawed

The young lad, son of Paul

Escaped without his hand

And at that time from the woods

Where women and children banned

But Little Red had no fear

As her grandmother told her so

“The wolf won't touch or hurt you

As long as your cloak flows”

So down into the forests

Through the fastest way she went

Until her nostrils filled

With the sweetest scent

A bush of reddest roses

From which she picked three

Then to her horror she heard a voice

“Doth thou not fear me”

She turned to see a wolf

Whom looked old and sick

And said “I am off to seeth me grandmother”

Then the wolf ran off quick.

When Little Red had reached

Her unwell grandmother’s home

The front door was left open

For some reason unknown

She went into her grandmother's room

And there she was awake

“Little Red with your cloak

The wooded path you did take”

Let Red nodded

But she looked in surprise

For the was something off

About her grandmother's eyes

The where slowly changing

From wolflike to human

And her skin crawled with goosebumps

She the cold wind blew in

“Grandmother, thou eyes

And thine hair dis’pearing from thee skin”

And grandmother said “Thou shant worry Red,

A she-wolf would never hurt her kin

The red cloak that to you I gaveth,

Carries my she-wolf smell

S’when I sawt thou in the woods

Immediately I could tell

That thou art something to me

That thou art blood of mine

So as longeth thou shalt carry my scented cloak

Within the woods thou art fine”



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