Little Do They Know

The world is loud, society is, well, social.

 “You’re so quiet and shy.” the public would say.

Little do they know, I am different in a unique kind of way.


My voice is louder in my head.

Rather than speaking my mind, my tongue is left in knots.

Little do they know, I am really a thinker full of thoughts.


I have a sixth sense, unlike others.

I feel a sense of insight, a feeling of what is right and wrong.

Little do they know, I am intuitive, it is what keeps me strong.


My heart understands people and their stories.

Empathy and compassion are my middle names, emotions are never concealing.

Little do they know, I am weighted toward my true feeling.


Predictability gives me control of my life.

I have an order of activities that I do, planned ahead of time.

Little do they know, I am judging, so I stay in my highest prime.


Myer-Briggs tested the true me.

We fit one of the 16 personality types, each special in their own way.

Little do they know, I am the rarest kind, I am an INFJ.

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