Little Did You Know

Little did you know

I didn't sleep well last night,

cause I told you it was fine.

Truth be told,

it was alittle past 3 a.m

when I finally collapsed on my 

tear soaked pillowcase

Little did you know that

I'm fighting all over again

Even though I told you

I was getting better

Truth be told,

I had a fight with my 

demons last night

& didn't really win

Little did you know

I'm hurting like never before,

fighting the urge to take

another razor to my skin

Fighting the urge to 

call you because

all I can do is cry

I told you I'm taking my tie,

but that time won't every come

These pieces are

scattered everywhere,

invisible to my eyes

Little did you know 

it was aroung 2:30 a.m

when I last thought it

Little did you know

I'm taking this life away

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