The Little Blue Elephant At The Corner Of My Bed.

Oh that little blue elephant at the corner of my bed. As I close my eyes I hear it's whispers in my head, please tell me those sweet white lies, the ones that makes my mind go blind, the ones that stop me from breaking down in tears the ones I want to hear. Dear little blue elephant, I've missed you to a great extent. I miss those white lies you whispered to me as I slept the night away. Come back to me until the very end, when my head is full of memories that I regret and when those dark old demons in my room persuade me to have trust in them. So please, I cry and plead that you protect me from the demons from my youth. The day I choose whether to fight or lose, I want you to outright lie. "You’ll make it out alive " A single lie that has the capacity to prevent me from taking my life. A sentence whispered to me as I slept. The sentence that’s been the outlet to my past events. I chose to listen, and If I win or lose against these demons I’d still like to give a thanks to that little blue elephant at the corner of my bed for those beautiful white lies that have encouraged me to look ahead.


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