Little Black Girl Cry


United States
39° 7' 2.6724" N, 94° 41' 29.5728" W

My Black is Beautiful, My Black is free
Thanks to all of the Blacks that came before me
Three years old no father killed by the life he lived
Please little black girl don’t cry
I reached but he wasn't there
Young and Naive I felt like my mother never cared
Because she was at work while me and my younger brother were at home
My heart felt empty. Is it cause I'm all alone?
Please little black girl don’t cry
No one knows my pain and how my heart aches
I would bawl until I fell asleep
Will I ever live my dreams or is this my eternity?
Where is my father, when I need a man?
Not a companion but the man that is supposed to teach me about life
How and what to do, the wrongs and the rights
Please little black girl don’t cry
I just need him to hold me and tell me baby girl, please don’t cry
You can be whatever you want to be
Nothing in life is easy nor fair
You have to be strong and hold on in there
I smile just thinking about his words of encouragement
You are a strong, intelligent black women
My little black girl Please don’t cry


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