Little Advice

I can grant you little advice, but not because I don’t want to give advice.

Because I do

Right now more then ever, but I wont.

I will not destroy my future self to help you be better because you don’t want to be better.

Do everything the same

Fall at that time, and be her friend, and don’t study for that test.

None of it mattered anyways

Because all of that lead to you being their friend and you making that one screen play

And you being so ready to be you

Make the mistakes, make everyone of them! And be happy because you made them for yourself and you are never going to take them back.

You’re stranger then you think

You’re lovely

You’re you and you cannot change

Here’s some advice that you can take:

Everyone believes in you more than you do, listen to them. Dream bigger then any other and smile.




Because you will do something I promise,

You’ll be


You want

To be

So fly you little bird and become a bigger bird

Because you can


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